Reusable Fun! Pin It. Win It. Take Out. With Out.

12 Apr

Can you imagine flooding Pinterest with images of reusables and reusing? We certainly can, and we hope you’ll help us out!

In return for your support, we are giving you the incredible chance to win a curated collection of reusables from eco and ethical companies, Klean KanteenStrawesome Glass StrawsPeople Towels, and Wean Green, valued at over $150! (If you’re lucky enough to have these reusables already yourself, win them for a friend in “need”!)

Here’s how to get going:

1. Follow TakeOutWithOut on Pinterest

2. Repin these rules onto a new board called “REFUSE + REUSE”

3. Pin at least 8 images to your board – include your favourite reusables, your own waste free  meals, and campaigns and people who inspire you to refuse, reduce, and reconsider!

4. Tag @TakeOutWithOut in the description of every pin

5. Email the link to your “REUSE + REFUSE” board to

The winner will be decided based on waste-free messaging and creativity. Check out our boards for inspiration to help you get started. Deadline for entry is April 30, 2012 at 11:59pm EDT


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