TOWO Champions : Camros in Toronto

8 Jun

The TakeOut WithOut Campaign is delighted to recognize Camros Organic Eatery as an official TOWO Champion! Since 2006, this family restaurant has had a strong commitment to healthy food and the environment. They’ve been serving up delicious 100% organic Persian-inspired meals all while doing their part to reduce restaurant waste.

Here’s what they told us they’re doing to TakeOut WithOut:

  • Most of our desserts are not packaged
  • We don’t sell anything in plastic bottles (only glass)
  • We decided to stop selling bottled water to reduce plastic waste, and instead give away free filtered water (from our in-house filter) in glass cups (customers are welcome to refill their own bottles too!)
  • All of our take-out ware is biodegradable made of potato starch and sugar-cane fibre
  • All cleaning products that we use are biodegradable
  • We minimize paper towel use in our kitchen by drying with washable cloths
  • It’s a policy that the staff use washable glassware for their own take-out
  • We get most of our ingredients in whole food state, in recyclable cardboard packaging, with minimal plastic and fancy packaging

Wow, right? So the next time you’re looking for some “light” takeout, bring your reusables over to Saeed and the gang for a meal of champions that truly satisfies both the stomach and the soul.

If your restaurant also has amazing initiatives to reduce waste, tell us about it so we can spread the good news together and let diners know where else they can go to TakeOut WithOut.


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