Happy Birthday Canada!

29 Jun

There’s something about all those red and white disposables littered throughout the streets and parks at the end of the celebration that just don’t seem to say we really care about our land. As a gesture of our appreciation for this beautiful country we’re so proud to call home, we are making The 5 GYRES PLASTIC PROMISE which is in line with Our Creed, so we can do our part to protect it on Canada day, and every day.

We Promise to:

  • Bring our own water bottles, mugs, utensils and reusable bags.
  •  Say “No Plastic Straw Please” when we dine out.
  •  Buy what’s in the least amount of plastic packaging.
  •  Pick up 5 pieces of plastic pollution we see littered whenever we’re out.
  • Engage family, businesses and co-workers to make this promise too.

We hope you’ll make the promise with us because using less plastic is the best gift we can give ourselves, our country, and our world.


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