Great Glass Gear

9 Jul

It’s incredible how one of the oldest natural materials is making a comeback in reusables (cue cheering!). Whether for food or drink, these glass goods will make everything taste clean and fresh.


How many straws do you think get thrown out each day? (It’s scary!). Strawesome glass straws come with a lifetime guarantee – that’s how strong they are, and how committed the company is to their functional works of art made in the USA.

Wean Green Sandwich Cubes

With a colourful, silicone-sealed lid, these various sizes of tempered glass sandwich, snack and dip containers can go anywhere you go. Smart Clips lock and secure food inside, but are easy enough for little fingers to open and close.

Pyrex Containers

Various sized glass containers are the clear choice for take-out (fabulous for sushi pick-up), group snacks and potlucks too (nothing better for pasta salad). These go from oven to table to fridge and back again… time to start a new collection!

Bamboo Bottle

Underneath the beautiful, protective, bamboo surface is a dishwasher safe glass bottle. Fill it with your choice of hot or cold beverages without ever allowing chemicals to leach into your drink. (Yes, it all comes apart to clean it easily!)


This stunning bottle was designed with more than just your water in mind. With a reinforced glass bottom, a wide mouth and a water tight seal, this vessel will provide you with the comfort of drinking from a regular drinking glass while on the go.


These fun looking bottles with a food grade silicone snap-on cap and gripper rings are made from sturdy recycled glass and will keep your drinks refreshingly chilled for hours. Stick a Strawesome glass straw in it and watch heads turn!

Let us know your favourite glass reusies in the comments below!


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