Litterless Lunch Accessories

9 Aug

One should never over-accessorize, but when it comes to litterless lunches, it’s important to have a little eco-reusable-bling.

People Towels

Who doesn’t want a beautifully designed, personal, reusable hand towel? Made with 100% organic fair trade cotton, these eco-chic towels come armed with hang tags for easy attachment to lunch bags, water bottles, purses or backpacks.


Talk about minimizing and multi-tasking. In addition to an overall spoon shape with four fork tines, this utensil has two hard, flat edges on either side, suitable for cutting through soft food so you can take on whatever they put in front of you.

RePEaT Utensil Set

Whether you stash this in your desk, knapsack, or attach it onto your bag, the carry case made from recycled plastic bottles will keep your complete set of bamboo utensils together and clean. (Heat and stain resistant too!) Ready to dig in when you are!


Made from 100% organic cotton (love that!) in fun colours & designs to match every kid’s personality, these napkins are also useful as placemats (we’ve seen kids just put what they are eating on the table – ick!), and they’ll encourage good table manners too.

Happy Face Cutlery

It’s sophisticated stainless for parents not wanting to send their home cutlery to school with their kids. This petite cutlery set will put a smile on everyone’s faces – not just those using them to enjoy yummy salads, soups and spreads!

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