Level Up on Practically Green

11 Sep

Practically Green wants you to TakeOut WithOut and they’ll reward you with points for doing so. Practically Green is one of the leading online programs that is helping people green their lives, boasting tens of thousands of users from hundreds of countries (that’s a lot of people doing good, and we love it!). After you sign up, you collect points for each green action that you’ve completed; everything from switching to natural dryer sheets, to buying a pre-owned car.

Here are 4 actions you can mark as complete when you TakeOut WithOut:

  1. Recycle your lunch containers and packaging when possible 20 pts
  2. Eliminate Styrofoam, especially from food and drink purchases 20 pts
  3. Reduce takeout meals to once a week or less 10 pts
  4. When ordering takeout, skip the disposables 5 pts

Like our campaign, Practically Green is not about aiming for perfection, but for improvement. Invite your friends to join as well, and start a friendly eco-competition to challenge each other to up your green game!


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