TOWO Champions: Daedra Surowiec

27 Sep

Daedra Surowiec is the life force behind the awesome possum reusable glass Strawesome, and she’s also a TOWO Champion! The TakeOut WithOut team loves that this artist, owner, president, and mom behind Strawesome is fueled by her dedication to her family, and the environment.

Daedra’s creativity and passion have blended together and resulted in the coolest, most fun, safe, and reusable glass drinking straws for people of all ages. Her creations are lifetime guaranteed and totally toxin free, perfect for all your bevs, including your bubble tea and even your martini! There’s even a straw for those days when you don’t feel like dirtying a cup, and just drinking your smoothie right out of your Blendtec!

And because they’re so easy to take with you on the go, there’s no need to ever put a toxic, plastic, single use disposable to your mouth again. Check out Daedra’s handmade collection at and support this eco-mom, your health, and our planet!

*Right now for a limited time only, everything ships FREE! Use code SHIPSEPT12


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