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How to Break that Bag Habit

11 Dec

Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated so regularly that we continue to do them almost automatically and involuntarily.

Isn’t that exactly why you accept bags at checkout? Or forget your bags at home or in the car?

The only way to change such impulses is to replace them with beneficial behavior. Why do we so often fail? Because change is hard work and there is no short cut.

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Hot Food Warms the Soul

24 Oct

Super sleek. Stainless steel. Reusable. What’s not to love?! We have to admit, we’ve fallen pretty hard for the thermo-pot from black + blum. But how could any foodie resist the style and functionality of this stainless vacuum food flask? The thermo pot is topped off with a lid made of cork, comes with its own stainless steel spoon that magnetizes to the side, promises to keep your food hot for 5 hours, and comes with a 10 year guarantee!
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How to Pack an Eco-Delicious Lunch

31 Aug

When you throw things away, where do you think “away” is? Exactly! No. Such. Place.

Are you aware that taking or buying a disposable lunch to school or work each day creates a total of 30 kilograms of waste every year? (fyi – that’s about the weight of a grade 2 student). Packing a litterless lunch can save you money AND time (now we’ve got your attention!), and it’s certainly healthier.
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Litterless Lunch Accessories

9 Aug

One should never over-accessorize, but when it comes to litterless lunches, it’s important to have a little eco-reusable-bling.

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Great Stainless Reusables

26 Jul

High quality stainless steel is shiny and safe, free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalates, and is durable, unbreakable, and recyclable. Use them and reuse them. Rinse and repeat.
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TOWO Champions : Camros in Toronto

8 Jun

The TakeOut WithOut Campaign is delighted to recognize Camros Organic Eatery as an official TOWO Champion! Since 2006, this family restaurant has had a strong commitment to healthy food and the environment. They’ve been serving up delicious 100% organic Persian-inspired meals all while doing their part to reduce restaurant waste.

Here’s what they told us they’re doing to TakeOut WithOut:
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Who to Follow on Pinterest to Pack Waste-free Meals

25 May

You probably know by now that we’re pretty passionate about responsibly made, long lasting reusables that help us TakeOut WithOut, and we also love to look good doing good!

Whether we are packing school or work lunches, carrying our tea or coffee with us, or dining out with friends, here are some of our favourite Pinterest boards that help us reduce waste from meals on-the go. We’ve found some great solutions for each of our lifestyles and personalities, because ultimately we are what we eat and what we eat out of.

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