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Change Comes from Without!

5 Oct

It’s time for restaurants to jump on board and get engaged with Takeout Without. Restaurant cards, posters and web graphics are now available on the website to download for FREE so you can help spread the word and make the change to become a smarter restaurant. Being a part of TakeOut WithOut will save YOU money, and save OUR resources, so we can ALL save the planet!
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How to Pack an Eco-Delicious Lunch

31 Aug

When you throw things away, where do you think “away” is? Exactly! No. Such. Place.

Are you aware that taking or buying a disposable lunch to school or work each day creates a total of 30 kilograms of waste every year? (fyi – that’s about the weight of a grade 2 student). Packing a litterless lunch can save you money AND time (now we’ve got your attention!), and it’s certainly healthier.
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50 Things I do to Reduce

22 Jun

By: Lisa Borden

I must admit, I would have never guessed that reducing would have been a hobby of mine, but, once I started, I realized that I was good at it, and it felt good too. I hope that what I’ve done (so far, because it’s a work in progress) inspires you on your own path of living a little bit lighter.
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Why Snack?

9 May

Written by Meghan Telpner, Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant

Two little questions for you:

1. Why are we so obsessed with snack foods? Convenience foods? And foods we can eat on the go?

2. Why can’t we take the time to sit down and eat a proper meal, thus reducing our need for quickity quick snacks?

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Don’t Let Your Friends Be “Trashy”

23 Apr

Another great contest for the cause! You know that friend with a really bad single-use habit? (we all have at least one).. What better motivation to clean up their act than with a sweet prize of reusables to live lighter? All you have to do is nominate your trashy friend and you could both win planet friendly goodies from Klean Kanteen, Radius, Strawesome, and ChicoBag. We feel a lot of TakeOut WithOut coming on!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Eight ways to lighten up while eating out

1 Mar

By: Lisa Borden

Dining out is one of life’s absolute pleasures and privileges, especially in Toronto where more and more local, organic cuisine is peppering the culinary scene. Restaurants are a key part of our culture – think celebrations, business meetings and first dates and it’s crucial for us and our world to eat off of greener menus (and we are not simply referring to a leafy salad).

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