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5 Ways to Buy Less Stuff

30 Nov

We all have WAY too much stuff.  If you have it and don’t use it, donate it, swap it or sell it. If you don’t have it and don’t need it, don’t buy it. Less stuff is good, good stuff is better, better stuff is enjoyable. Buying less stuff means less clutter in your life and in the landfills, using fewer resources, and more money in your pocket; and who doesn’t want that? Don’t hoard…share or savour!

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And The Winner Is…

1 May

We had lots of fun running our first ‘Pin it to Win it’ contest, and posting it on our new blog! Here’s to more fun contests ahead with even more showing off your refusing + reusing!
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Reusable Fun! Pin It. Win It. Take Out. With Out.

12 Apr

Can you imagine flooding Pinterest with images of reusables and reusing? We certainly can, and we hope you’ll help us out!

In return for your support, we are giving you the incredible chance to win a curated collection of reusables from eco and ethical companies, Klean KanteenStrawesome Glass StrawsPeople Towels, and Wean Green, valued at over $150! (If you’re lucky enough to have these reusables already yourself, win them for a friend in “need”!)

Here’s how to get going:
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