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Change Comes from Without!

5 Oct

It’s time for restaurants to jump on board and get engaged with Takeout Without. Restaurant cards, posters and web graphics are now available on the website to download for FREE so you can help spread the word and make the change to become a smarter restaurant. Being a part of TakeOut WithOut will save YOU money, and save OUR resources, so we can ALL save the planet!
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Use Less Plastic

15 Jun

The TakeOut WithOut team loves the message behind this short and sweet video called “Use Less Plastic” and we’re sure you will too! Created by Take Part, the digital division of Participant Media (think “An Inconvenient Truth,” “The Cove,” “Food, Inc.,” and “Waiting for Superman”), this video reminds us that every piece of plastic ever made still exists today, and much of this plastic has traveled from our hands to our oceans.
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And The Winner Is…

1 May

We had lots of fun running our first ‘Pin it to Win it’ contest, and posting it on our new blog! Here’s to more fun contests ahead with even more showing off your refusing + reusing!
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Don’t Let Your Friends Be “Trashy”

23 Apr

Another great contest for the cause! You know that friend with a really bad single-use habit? (we all have at least one).. What better motivation to clean up their act than with a sweet prize of reusables to live lighter? All you have to do is nominate your trashy friend and you could both win planet friendly goodies from Klean Kanteen, Radius, Strawesome, and ChicoBag. We feel a lot of TakeOut WithOut coming on!

Learn more and enter to win here.

Reusable Fun! Pin It. Win It. Take Out. With Out.

12 Apr

Can you imagine flooding Pinterest with images of reusables and reusing? We certainly can, and we hope you’ll help us out!

In return for your support, we are giving you the incredible chance to win a curated collection of reusables from eco and ethical companies, Klean KanteenStrawesome Glass StrawsPeople Towels, and Wean Green, valued at over $150! (If you’re lucky enough to have these reusables already yourself, win them for a friend in “need”!)

Here’s how to get going:
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Eight ways to lighten up while eating out

1 Mar

By: Lisa Borden

Dining out is one of life’s absolute pleasures and privileges, especially in Toronto where more and more local, organic cuisine is peppering the culinary scene. Restaurants are a key part of our culture – think celebrations, business meetings and first dates and it’s crucial for us and our world to eat off of greener menus (and we are not simply referring to a leafy salad).

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